Artisan Table, Naperville, IL

As I was scanning back through fall photos and menu notes, I came upon shots of a Honey Dinner I attended with fellow blogger, Kelly, at Artisan Table, which is located in the Chicago Marriott in Naperville. The first time I ate there, I fell in love. With their farm to table philosophy, they serve the freshest of foods and offer some wonderful seasonal specialties. And the coolest thing is that the have rooftop beehives that produce honey that is used in some of their dishes.

The menu for the Honey Dinner was unbelievable. After some appetizers and a lovely cheese board. The five course dinner started out with honey-glazed scallops, yellow pepper aioli, bacon powder, micro herb salad, roasted golden beets and mead poached pear. Next up was a kabucha squash tagine of apple, kennel and Italian sausage. This was magnificent! Following that was a green tea sorbet with honey caviar. Paired with it was a hibiscus mead.

We had four options for our entree, which included signature crab cakes with red pepper coulis, sautéed baby spinach, figs, garlic and honey. Seared 5-spice duck breast and salted honey-kissed trout were also on the menu. I chose the martini-marinated filet mignon with smoked bleu cheese, queen olives and juniper glaze de viande.

Each course was announced by Chef Sean Curry and Pastry Chef Erica Tomei

Finishing off the meal was a plate of honey rosemary donuts, honey caramel, white chocolate mousse and an edible flower. It was pure sugary bliss!

Kelly and I toasting with some mead.

While our dinner was honey-centered, the menu is varied. Take a look at the winter lunch menu here. I've been extremely impressed with everything we have tried there. It is a true gem in the burbs of downtown quality. 

Artisan Table
1801 N. Naper Blvd.
Naperville, IL