Casting call for FRANKENFOOD

Love food-related reality shows? Think you have what it takes to compete on national television? The SPIKE TV show, FRANKENFOOD, is casting in Chicago. It's described as "American idol meets Iron Chef" and the winner of the competition will walk away with $10,000.

Got a crazy food creation? Email with your name city and phone number. Casting will take place Thursday, March 13 in the Chicago area with the location yet to be determined.

They're looking for competitors to make up a dish of All-American ingredients that would not normally be paired, but once combined make for a tasty creation. Some examples are Mac & Cheese filled doughnuts, Blueberry pancake wrapped sausage (with apple syrup filling on a stick), Grilled cheese chocolate-chip cookie. So, put on your creative chef hat and get working on some FRANKENFOOD!