Corned Beef platter at J.J. Kelley's

So, if you follow the blog, you know that my favorite spot for a bite to eat in town is J. J. Kelley's. I've enjoyed everything on their menu - from soups to salads to sandwiches to pizza to chicken entrees and more. And when it gets close to St. Patrick's Day I look forward to stopping by for a big platter of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots. I stopped by Friday night with one of my boys for dinner. I filled up at the soup and salad bar and didn't get too far into my dinner. I just finished it up for lunch today. I made a plate for one of the boys Saturday for lunch, too, so it actually made for three meals. If you're looking for a nice St. Patty's meal, head over to J.J Kelley's for a big Irish plate of yum!