Sprinkles Cupcakes

I heard about Sprinkles long ago and when I stumbled upon the Chicago location while walking in the Gold Coast area, I knew I had to pop in and try them out. Made with the finest of ingredients, each decadent cupcake is such a treat. I picked up a variety for the kids, but each one had to share a bite with me. That was the deal.

I loved the milk chocolate (bottom left in the box) and the black and (top right) and of course, the red velvet (top right) was awesome! The other one in the box is the chocolate marshmallow. The cupcakes are available on a rotating basis with some only made once or twice a week. All of the big boxes ones are available every day with the exception of the milk chocolate, which you can get Tues, Fri, Sat and Sunday.

If you are in that area (it's located between Michigan and Rush on Walton,) it is definitely worth a stop if you have even the slightest of a sweet tooth! There are currently also 11 other locations nationwide. visit sprinkles.com for more info.