Dragon Bowl: Munster, IN

As we were growing up, we never ever had Chinese food. I think I was out of high school before I had my first plate of sweet and sour chicken and fried rice. Now I'm a huge fan of Asian food. I haven't gotten very good at cooking it, but I love eating it and have several favorite local places.

Dragon Bowl in Munster, Indiana is one I really like that has a variety of Asian specialties that includes Chinese, Thai and Japanese specialties.

I'm absolutely in LOVE with their smoothies. Varieties include mango, papaya, Taro, Sweet Tea, Honedew, Pineapple, Watermelon, Green Tea, Avocado and several more. My favorite is the cantaloupe smoothie. I'd say it's probably my favorite frosty beverage out there. It's just super refreshing. I have taken such a liking to this one that I haven't tried many others -- the banana strawberry and the watermelon. Everytime I go in there with the intention of getting something new and at the last minute go back to my old fallback.

I've never gone in for a sit-down meal and only ordered carry-out, but I've been happy with the items I've ordered. I've tried a few rice and chicken dishes, but would love to get in there sometime for lunch and linger over miso soup and sushi.

On my last visit I picked up just a smoothie and an order of combination fried rice. The rice portion was huge and ended up being a nice light meal for me and three kids.

Dragon Bowl
8231 Hohman
Munster, IN