Stephano's Pizzeria, Lansing, Illinois

A couple of our favorite pizzas places in town have closed down recently (well, one relocated) and I've been kind of bouncing from pizza place to pizza place lately sampling all the places I have neglected or forgotten about.

Stephano's is a place we used to order from a couple times a month and it had been a while, so I thought I'd give them a try again. I ordered a small cheese deep dish for the boys. I also ordered a medium thin crust with sausage and also green pepper on half. I always appreciate when I find fresh green peppers and mushrooms, rather than canned stuff.

The deep dish had oozed a bit in transit, but that was fine. The kids ate the pizza. I ate the thin crust pizza AND the gooey cheese that had fallen out of the deep dish. :)

Overall it was pretty good. I wouldn't mind the thin crust being just a tad crispier, but other than that, it was a winner.

If you're planning to order, be sure to check the Facebook page first. I did that and scored a $3 discount.

Stephano's Pizzeria
3155 - 191st St.
Lansing, Il
(708) 895-6611