Cantaloupe smoothie

My favorite beverages these days is one that I can only seem to get at two local Chinese food places. It's a cantaloupe smoothie. I'm telling you, this is the most refreshing beverage. Sometimes I grab one at China Chef in Lansing. This one is from Dragon Bowl in Munster, IN.

China Chef makes one that has the consistency of one of those Icees you might get at a gas station. It's really good. Dragon Bowl makes one that is a bit creamy, which I really like.

I've tried out some other flavors of smoothies at these places - watermelon, honey dew, strawberry banana, pineapple - but none of them compare to the cantaloupe smoothie. I've tried making them at home and it just hasn't turned out well. So, it will have to remain my rare treat that I get when I stop at Dragon Bowl once every couple of months.