Homemade root beer at The Port Drive-In

Who doesn't love stopping at a nostalgic drive-in restaurant where a carhop delivers your food on a stainless steel tray and sounds of 50's can be heard through the speakers?

Another unique feature of nostalgic eateries, I've discovered, is they often make their own root beer. It's something I love about The Port Drive-In in Chesterton, Indiana.

The menu includes classic far like burgers and hot dogs and shakes, but if you make a stop, don't pass up their home brewed root beer served up one of those cold, heavy glass mugs!

And if you really want to complete the experience, follow up your meal with a movie at the 49 Drive In, a classic outdoor drive in movie theatre in nearby Valparaiso.

 The Port Drive-In 
419 N. Calumet Rd.
Chesterton, IN