La Bamba Fresh Mexican Food: Indianapolis, IN

So, as I was headed out of town on a recent trip to Indianapolis, it was nearing dinner time. I needed to grab something quick, but definitely didn't want to stop at the same old drive-thrus I can go to at home. I pulled off I-65 and drive for a mile or two in search of something to eat. When I saw a sign that said, "BURRITOS AS BIG AS YOUR HEAD," I figured it was worth pulling over.

I ordered the mini size burrito at it was still huge. I got the chicken variety and it was loaded with fresh veggies. It made for a messy meal to eat in the car, but it was worth it.

La Bamba has 14 locations in four states, many of them in college towns like Normal (IL), Madison (WI) and Bloomington (IL). Visit their website for more info at