S'more perfection

Summer is in full swing. And s'mores are being made all over America - at campgrounds, in backyards, around fire pits. They are an easy treat. All you need are three ingredients and a stick. I go for the lightly browned and very gooey marshmallows, while others I know like them burned to a crisp. Here's a step by step to the perfect s'more.

1 marshmallow (I like the oversized ones to add some extra goo)
1/2 Hershey bar
one graham cracker

Break graham cracker in half and lay out on a plate. On each cracker, lay a 3-piece section of the chocolate bar. (It pays to be prepared and do this step ahead of time instead of trying to prep your cracker and chocolate as your marshmallow falls off your stick and onto the ground)

Place your marshmallow on a metal stick and hold it at least 4 inches from the flame. I like to prop mine up and let it sit until the marshmallow starts to slip down the stick. That's when I know it's ready.

Remove your marshmallow and put one cracker with chocolate on top. Let it sit for about 30 seconds, then flip to let the chocolate melt well on both sides. Let it sit another 30 seconds and then it is ready to eat.