From the inbox: Big Tree Farms Receives Fair Trade Certification

From the inbox this week comes this press release - big news from Big Tree Farms!

Big Tree Farms Receives Fair Trade Certification
Big Tree Farms Coconut Sugar becomes first and only certified fair trade coconut sugar.

Bali, Indonesia (July 16, 2014) Big Tree Farms announced that their unrefined, organic Coconut Sugar line has received Fair Choice certification from Control Union Certifications. The acquisition of this certification makes Big Tree Farms Coconut Sugar the first and only fair trade coconut sugar on the market. As a pioneer in the fast-growing Coconut Sugar segment, Big Tree Farms’ impressive certifications extend beyond Fair Trade, including USDA Organic, Non-GMO and Low Glycemic Certifications.  All certifications will be featured on Big Tree Farms Coconut Sugar packaging going forward, allowing shoppers to see a clear difference in coconut sugars.

Control Union Certifications are awarded on an enterprises ability to commit to stringent social, environmental, and economic development principles. Dedicated to social and environmental responsibility, safe working conditions and fair trade practices, Big Tree Farms is the only vertically integrated brand of coconut sugar on the market. Working with and supporting over 14,000 family farmers across the archipelagos of Indonesia. Every bag of Big Tree Farms Organic Coconut Sugar is harvested from partner farms and processed at their own factories in Indonesia.  

Called the “best alternative to cane sugar” by Dr. Oz, Big Tree Farms Coconut Sugar is made from pure flower blossom nectar of the coconut tree. Considered one of the most sustainable sweeteners on the planet, coconut sugar is an unrefined, high nutrient and low glycemic sweetener that can be used in place of anything that normally requires cane sugar. With a 1 to 1 replacement ratio, coconut sugar is an easier substitute compared to other popular alternatives like stevia or agave, which often have a different taste and substitute ratio. Big Tree Farms Organic Coconut Sugar is the only coconut sugar to obtain a low glycemic verification, consistently maintaining a Glycemic Index of under 40, ensuring it is not adulterated with cane sugar Rooted in Goodness™, Big Tree Farms is a sustainable supply chain of natural and organic tropical food products. Their mission is to inspire beneficial change through the creation of innovative and health-forward food products that provide sustainable health, economy and environment to our customers, farmer/suppliers and company community.

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