Help bring MicroCool Apron to market by supporting kickstarter campaign

From time to time kickstarter campaigns are brought to my attention for innovate ideas or great food products that are in need of additional funding to help bring them to the retail market. One was Zone 8 beverages. I got a sample sent to me of some of their tea. I really enjoyed it and was really rooting for them to meet their goal and be able to produce this tea. And I rooted for them a little harder because they were based in the Chicago area. I was so pleased when I recently stepped into Mooney's Ice Cream in Three Oaks, Michigan and saw that they were selling Zone 8 Beverages!

Here's another product that needs to some help to be brought to market - the MicroCool Apron. Being married to a firefighter, anything that can help keep people safe in the kitchen from burns and injuries is something I'm going to support. This sounds like a product that will do that for sure. It's an apron made with a special fabric that provides a barrier between you and hot oils and liquids.

Their kickstarter campaign is over in just a week and they're not quite half way to their $25,000 goal. Here's a little more about what they're trying to accomplish:

The MicroCool Apron - revolutionizing safety for professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts

Two Charleston entrepreneurs develop a first-ever micro thermal protective fabric for the culinary industry and bring it to Kickstarter

CHARLESTON, SC. - July 10, 2014 - Fueled by their own love for grilling and outdoor cooking, Chuck Bates and John Cato worked with polymer scientists to develop a fabric technology that might just revolutionize safety in the culinary world. The fire retardant MicroCool Apron is the ultimate protective chef’s apron, created with the first-ever fabric to repel thermal energy and provide a protective barrier from hot oil and scalding liquids.

“Grilling and cooking outdoors is one of the most popular summertime activities, and something I love to do,” said Chuck Bates, co-developer of the MicroCool apron, “but the number of burn injuries from a flaming grill or deep fryer is pretty staggering.” 

Burns are a leading cause of injuries in the restaurant industry. According to Ohio Casualty, a Liberty Mutual Company, scald burns are the most common cause of burns and scalds from hot oil are generally even more severe than injuries from hot water. Standard chef aprons and tunics currently used for the culinary industry do not protect against hot oil spills (375+ degrees). It would take just three seconds for a burn to occur wearing industry-accepted chef clothing. However, the micro thermal fabric treatment used in theMicroCool Apron reaches a temperature no higher than that of a standard home shower even after 20 seconds of exposure to a hot oil spill.

The MicroCool Apron is designed for professional-grade or home use. In addition to its thermal properties, the fabric is soft, breathable and comfortable, making it an ideal addition to commercial or personal kitchens.

“We know our technology can really make a difference in helping safeguard anyone cooking with hot oil and liquids,” says John Cato, MicroCool’s co-developer. “We also plan to eventually broaden our line of protective clothing to include chef tunics, gloves, leggings and sleeves.”

After months of researching, designing and testing their micro thermal technology, Chuck and John have taken their idea for The MicroCool Apron to Kickstarter in an effort to raise $25,000 in 30 days – sufficient funds for an initial run of the apron fabric. Reward levels range from MicroCool Aprons to an authentic Low Country Oyster Roast hosted by the founders.

For more details, video and images, visit the MicroCool Apron Kickstarter page: