Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Easy bruchetta topping

It's that time of year when we are able to pick nice rice tomatoes right out of the garden and use them in all kinds of dishes. I put them in soups. I put them in sandwiches. I make umpteen batches of salsa each season.

Since I'd picked up a french baguette at the farmer's market, I thought I'd slice it up and toast it and make some brochette to top it off.

I used three different varieties of tomatoes that we had in the garden.

4 roma tomatoes
1 black brandywine tomato
A handful of grape tomatoes
Fresh basil
Dried oregano
minced garlic
olive oil

Dice the tomatoes (Mine are sliced kind of big - I was just being lazy.) Add olive oil, garlic, salt and oregano and stir. Chop fresh basil (I used a combo of green and red basil.) Add and stir.

I literally could have eaten that whole bowl myself.

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