Riviera Restaurant, Munster, IN

Went to breakfast recently with my awesome pals Lynnie, Jo-Ellyn and Patty. We had a morning appointment for a photo with a sponsor for the Lansing Autumn Fest that we have been hard at work planning for months. Since it was an early morning meeting, we decided we would all grab breakfast before heading different directions and getting our day under way.

A few places were thrown out there, but when Lynnie mentioned how good the Eggs Benedict were at the Riviera, I placed my vote for them. We all got in our cars and headed down there to meet for breakfast. I have been by this place a million times, I am sure, and somehow have never been there. It's a typical little diner ~ the old school type that I just adore. The waitresses buzz around with coffee pots eager to fill your cup, they chat with the regulars, your food comes out swiftly - huge portions that look amazing.

So, Jo-Ellyn got an omelet. I really wanted to dig into it. Look at that baby!

Look at what Patty got her healthy little self - a poached egg with a couple sausage links. I don't think she touched the carbs. I'm not a fan of poached eggs, but her meal still looked pretty good! :)

Lynnie got the Eggs Benedict Florentine - it's just like a traditional plate of Eggs Benedict, but they add in tomato and spinach - like Eggs Benedict couldn't already get any better. :) 

So, I also went with the Eggs Benedict Florentine, but since I don't like poached, I asked for my eggs scrambled. Oh, my! It was wonderful. Of course, you could pour hollandaise sauce on just about anything and I would love it. :) I totally recommend this dish if you stop in for a bite.

If you find yourself in Northwest Indiana, this little gem is definitely worth the stop for breakfast! :)

Riviera Restaurant
615 Ridge Road
Munster, IN
(219) 836-0001