Monday, June 30, 2014

S'more perfection

Summer is in full swing. And s'mores are being made all over America - at campgrounds, in backyards, around fire pits. They are an easy treat. All you need are three ingredients and a stick. I go for the lightly browned and very gooey marshmallows, while others I know like them burned to a crisp. Here's a step by step to the perfect s'more.

1 marshmallow (I like the oversized ones to add some extra goo)
1/2 Hershey bar
one graham cracker

Break graham cracker in half and lay out on a plate. On each cracker, lay a 3-piece section of the chocolate bar. (It pays to be prepared and do this step ahead of time instead of trying to prep your cracker and chocolate as your marshmallow falls off your stick and onto the ground)

Place your marshmallow on a metal stick and hold it at least 4 inches from the flame. I like to prop mine up and let it sit until the marshmallow starts to slip down the stick. That's when I know it's ready.

Remove your marshmallow and put one cracker with chocolate on top. Let it sit for about 30 seconds, then flip to let the chocolate melt well on both sides. Let it sit another 30 seconds and then it is ready to eat.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Side trip to the Triple XXX

Last month, as I was returning home from a trip to Indianapolis, I stopped for a bite to eat at the Triple XXX Family Restaurant. I had seen a billboard on the way down that said that it had appeared on Guy Fieri's "Diners, Drive Ins and Dives" so I figured it had to be good.

I took the little detour on my way home to go about 6 miles off the expressway to find it. It was well worth it. The burgers are not just burgers. They are chopped steak burgers. The meat is ground there daily and you can sure taste the difference.

The root beer is also their own recipe. You can find Triple XXX bottled root beer all over the country now, but it tastes so much better in a frosty mug on a bar stool in this nostalgic restaurant.

When I was traveling down to Santa Claus, Indiana with my husband and four of my five boys earlier this month, I suggested a stop for lunch on the way down. My kids are fans of Triple XXX root beer and all were excited about visiting the place.

The second visit was just as delicious as the first. I ordered a big mug of root beer and drank every last drop.

My 10-year-old got a chocolate malt, which he was obligated to let mom sample. It was magnificent! So creamy!

And then for lunch five of the six of us ordered burgers (one got a barbecue pork sandwich). We were all in agreement that those chopped steak burgers are pretty awesome and that we'll be visiting this place again when we're headed down I-65!

If you've got a BIG appetite, you might want to consider ordering this. :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Paul's breakfast wraps

One recent morning, hubby decided to whip up some breakfast wraps. I had a good amount of vegetables in the fridge that he sautéed - including mushrooms, red and green bell peppers and white and green onion. Those went in a pan with some olive oil and once they were soft, he added some eggs. He whips his and adds milk. He used 6 eggs for this and it made about 4 good size wraps.

Once the egg mixture was done, he put it on these gluten-free wraps and put some aged gouda on top. The gouda was delicious. The wrap itself - well, let's just say I am very, very grateful that I don't have to rely on gluten free foods in my diet. A regular flour tortilla would have been sooo much better. All in all, it was nice to have a yummy breakfast that I didn't have to make.  

Friday, June 27, 2014

Chef BBQ Benefit to feature Rick Bayless and other celebrity chefs

This news release popped up in my inbox this week and I just wanted to share. How awesome does this sound? Take a peek at some of the top restaurants that will be there. Look at some of the chefs who will be there. Sure to be a spectacular event. Get your tickets today for this foodie highlight of the summer!


Bruce Sherman , Carrie Nahabedian, Rick Bayless and Sarah Stegner Join Nearly 100 of the City’s Finest Chefs and Farmers to Create Best Culinary Event of The Summer

CHICAGO, IL, June 17, 2014–Green City Market will be hosting its 14th annual Chef BBQ Benefit, 5:30 p.m. Thursday, July 17 in Lincoln Park, featuring the who’s who of Chicago’s culinary scene.  All dishes served at the BBQ feature items offered from the bounty of the market with nearly 100 chefs and restaurants creating culinary magic. In addition to food, locally made craft beer, wine, hand-crafted cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages will be available. Advance tickets are available at Green City Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays and on its website at General admission tickets are $125; VIP tables are available for $2,500 for 10 people. Guests are encouraged to purchase tickets early as this event has sold out in past years.
            “The Chef BBQ is one of the most anticipated events of the summer and a great time to celebrate all of the amazing food and talent this city has to offer,” said Sarah Stegner, co-president of the Green City Market board and chef/partner of Prairie Grass Cafe in Northbrook. “The Chef BBQ is very important to the operations of the market. It raises much needed money to support our operations. The market is funded by such donations and grants. We are thankful that it has grown to be one of Chicago’s most popular summer events. Our guests get to experience what truly ‘local farm to table’ is while helping to make it all possible.”
Exciting highlights for the BBQ include:
·         Ina Pinkney; Barry Sorkin, Smoque; and Rob Levitt, Butcher and Larder are teaming up for the first time.
·         New additions to the chef lineup this year include: Tremaine Atkinson Co-founder/Distiller and JP Doiron, CH Distillery; Giuseppe Scurato, Ceres’ Table;  Michael Sheerin, Cicchetti; Ken Carter, Gather; Nathan Sears, The Radler.

“The Green City Market BBQ is the not to be missed event of the year for almost every single person I know,” said Jason Hammel, chef and co-owner of Lula Café and Nightwood. “Sous chefs, pastry chefs, executive chefs, cooks, managers, artisans, farmers—so many who contribute to our great Chicago restaurant scene will be there.  Look around that night and you'll see a community paying homage to the mission and vision of Abby Mandel, who saw so much potential in our city and the bounty of our local farms.”

See Below for a full list of some of Chicago’s top restaurants and breweries that will have a presence at the BBQ:

676 restaurant
GT Fish & Oyster
Sable Kitchen & Bar
Atwood Café
Half Acre Beer Company
Seasons Soda
August Hill Winery/Illinois Sparkling Co.
Haymarket Pub & Brewery
Bar Toma
Hickory Creek Winery
Shaw's Chicago
Bell's Brewery
Honey Butter Fried Chicken & Sunday Dinner Club
SmallBar Division
Benny's Chop House
Intelligentsia Coffee & Kilogram Tea
Smoque and Ina's
Big Jones
Big Star
Lakeshore Beverage
Sparrow Coffee Roastery
Bistronomic/LM Restaurant Group
Laughing Bird
Spiaggia/Cafe Spiaggia
Butcher & Larder
Limelight Catering
Table, Donkey and Stick
Cafe des Architectes
Lula Cafe
Tekla, Inc
Capriole, Inc. & Tekla, Inc.
Metropolitan Brewing
Terzo Piano
Ceres’ Table
Midwest Wine Selections
The Bristol
CH Distillery
mk The Restaurant
The Chopping Block
Chilam Balam, Shaman by
New Holland Brewing Co.
The Dawson
Nico Osteria
The Gage
Convito Cafe & Market
The Goddess & Grocer
Cookies and Carnitas
NoMI Kitchen
The Publican
Crop To Cup / Asi Tea
North Pond Restaurant
The Publican
North Shore Distillery
The Radler
deca restaurant
One Off Hospitality Group
The Signature Room at the 95th
Eli's Cheesecake
Park Grill at Millennium Park
Three Floyds Brewpub
Farmhouse Tavern
Pecking Order
Forbidden Root Brewery
Perennial Virant
Two Brothers Brewing Company
Fox Valley Winery, Inc
Piece Brewery
Uncommon Ground
Fresh Coast Distributors, Lehman's cider, Quincy St. Distillery
Prairie Grass Cafe
Frontera Grill
Virtue Cider
Quince at the homestead
Goose Island Beer Company
Red door

About Green City Market
Green City Market is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization celebrating its 16th anniversary. The mission of Green City Market is to provide a marketplace for purchasing sustainably grown food and to educate, promote and connect farmers and local producers directly to chefs, restaurateurs and the greater Chicago community. Green City Market values education about quality food and its source. Green City Market is funded by individual donations, corporation sponsorships, grants and fund raising events.

Crock pot ham and veggie dinner

This is just one of those thrown together meals that I made as I was cleaning the freezer this week and discovered that I had some ham left from Easter. It went in the crock pot with some tri color fingerling potatoes (LOVE them!) and some baby carrots. I added a couple teaspoons of butter, a little water (to cover the bottom of the crock pot) and some freshly ground Italian seasoning. 

Since the ham was already fully cooked, I didn't have to worry about cooking time. The veggies just needed to be in there long enough to soften. It went on high for a little under two hours and dinner was done. Easy peasy and very yummy!

Next time you have some leftover ham after a celebration, slice it and freeze it for a crock pot meal like this one.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Brick Oven Pizza: Santa Claus, Indiana

On our recent trip to Santa Claus, Indiana we decided to add one more day onto the visit since we were having so much fun and wanted to make the drive back during the day when we were refreshed rather than late at night in the dark when we were all exhausted.

So, on our last night we checked in to Santa's Lodge and contemplated what to do for dinner. We'd stayed the first two nights at Lake Rudolph Campground and RV Resort and noticed a coupon on the back of our campground map for $16.99. They deliver to the hotel, but we decided we'd head over and sit down for dinner. When we got there we found that they had a buffet with several varieties of pizza, chicken and potatoes and several items on the salad bar for $7.99. However, since we'd been munching all afternoon at the Holiday World Amusement Park, we figured a large pizza would be plenty. We were right. We all had several pieces and still had six leftover.

I got half with pepperoni for the two boys who like that. The other half had sausage and green peppers. The sausage was finely crumbled, which I like and the green peppers were fresh, not the slimy version that comes out of a can. The crust was crisp. It definitely got the approval of this gal who can be a bit of a pizza snob having grown up around Chicago with an abundance of amazing pizzerias. 

Brick Oven Pizza
21 N Kringle Place 
Santa Claus, IN

His and Hers Salsa

Salsa is a summery home made snack that is in our house on a weekly and sometimes daily basis during the warmer months. It's healthy and yummy and refreshing. I like mine mild. Hubby and my oldest son like it HOT. So, since my oldest is in charge of the garden this year and had some hot banana peppers that were ready to pick, he asked if I'd make him some hot salsa. I ended up with two batches. Hot for hubby and my oldest son and mild for the rest of us.

5 roma tomatoes, diced
1 avocado, diced
1 cucumber, diced
1/2 white onion, diced

Mix everything together and add:

1 couple tablespoons of EVOO
A dash of garlic salt
Freshly squeezed juice from two limes

And for the hot version, add a diced hot banana pepper, seeds and all.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Veggie Loaded Chili

Nothing is better than a big pot of chili with some fresh peppers and onions in it, in my opinion. This recipe is loaded with so many veggies, you could even forego the meat and make it a vegetarian chili. Those fresh veggies make it small and taste magnificent. Here's everything that went into this veggie-filled version.

1 pound ground round, browned and drained.

After the meat is browned, add the following:

1/2 white onion, diced
1 green bell pepper, diced (if you like it spicier, add some jalapeños or other spicy peppers)
1 can mild chili beans
1 can petite diced tomatoes
1 can stewed tomatoes
1 can mushrooms, sliced
chili sauce

And the following spices to your liking:

Garlic powder (and I also used some Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic seasoning)
Freshly ground pepper
Trader Joe's 21 Seasoning Salute
Smoked Paprika
Big Guy Seasoning blend
Freshly ground Italian seasoning blend
sea salt
celery salt
chili powder

Simmer for about a half hour and serve!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Where to find cheapest beer prices around the world (another other fun beer facts)

I got this fun info graphic from and thought it was worth sharing. If there are international travels in your future, here's some interesting information on the best places to enjoy some brew.

It also indicates that the U.S. is 17th in bottles consumed per person in 2012 and that the #3 best selling beer worldwide is Budweiser. Take a look for some interesting facts and click here for the full article by David Adelman, which lets you in on some of the health benefits of beer, too.

Price of Beer Infographic

Monday, June 23, 2014

Flag Day lunch at Nelson's Saloon

Our favorite place to go spend a day is a little town in Southwest Michigan called Three Oaks. It's a small town with lots of farms that isn't far from Lake Michigan, but it has this downtown with a cool, trendy vibe. The two-block downtown has several shops and cafes along with a live theatre, a brewery, a distillery and a movie theatre that specializes in independent and foreign films. Throw in a library in a historic building, a little park with a cannon in it and a place to rent bicycles and the place just oozes with charm.

Often times on our visits we find ourselves at Nelson's Saloon. It's nothing fancy. Just a little hole-in-the-wall bar where the locals come in and the waitresses know them by name and know what they're going to order. Kinda like "Cheers" but with overalls and John Deere hats.

We keep coming back because of the food - namely the Reubens. I've yet to find one that matches it. I love that they don't use lunchmeat. The sandwich is made with real chunks of corned beef, slathered with sauce, heaped with sauerkraut and perfectly grilled on two lovely slices of rye bread. It's the kind of sandwich foodie dreams are made of -- and of all places, it's in this little unassuming saloon on the main street of this Mayberry-ish town.

If you are ever traveling through Michigan on I-94, do yourself a favor and drive a couple miles down the road to enjoy a Reuben. Tell them the Chicago Foodie Sisters sent you. :)

Our most recent visit was when we were there for the Flag Day Parade. It's billed as the World's Largest Flag Day Parade and it's loads of fun. We've been going each year for probably 7 or 8 years now.

While we waited for our dinner, we munched on some fried mushrooms. Yummo! (By the way, I just noticed that in this picture it almost looks like a fly on one of the mushrooms. I assure you it's not -- just the topping of a decorative toothpick.)

And, if you're wondering if there's anything for a kid to eat in a saloon, the answer is yes. They do have a kid menu. My youngest ordered the mini burgers with fries. The bigger boys got chicken tenders and a burgers. My 10-year-old ordered the Reuben and ate every last bit -- chip off the old block! :)

The Hot Diggity Dog at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Being the big foodie I am, we walked in the gate to Holiday World and Splashin' Safari on our recent trip and grabbed out map right away. However, I didn't start mapping out our visit or planning our schedule or picking out which rides to hit first. I turned right to the list of food to see exactly what they were offering this season and to see if there were any "must try" items on the list.

I loved that they highlighted the new selections in red, so you could easily tell what was new at the park. There's a new restaurant, the Wildebeestro, featuring wraps, salads, fresh fruit, grilled cheese, hot dogs, fish, shrimp, chicken salad sandwiches, Philly steak and chess, turkey legs and roasted corn on the cob. It's located in the Splashin' Safari water park. Also new on the menu in the water park are sweet potato fries, loaded fried and fried pickles at Bahari Snacks, Onion Petals at Jungle Jake's and buffalo chicken and ranch pizza at Safari Pizza as well as turkey burgers and smoked sausage at the ZOOMbabwe Grill.

New snacks in Holiday World include Brownie Sundaes and Sweet Stuff, Fried PB & J at Santa's Snacks and Red Velvet and Red, White and Blueberry funnel cakes at the Funnel Cake Factory.

In the meal category inside Holiday World, there now pulled pork at the Plymouth Rock Cafe. My middle son liked it so much that he went back there on the second day for another pulled pork sandwich.

There was one new items I spotted that I knew I would have to try out: The Hot Diggity Dog. Why was I so intrigued? One word: Bacon. This isn't just a hot dog, but a bacon wrapped hot dog, than is then placed on a soft pretzel bun and covered with cheese and barbecue sauce. How could I not try it? It was pretty dog-gone good. It was pretty big and hubby and I split it. And I love that they used a pretzel bun, rather than a traditional hot dog bun. That pretzel bun sopped with cheese sauce was terrific.

I did have a little bit of a rough time getting my 12 and 15-year-olds to come along with me to get one since it's only sold inside Holidog's Fun Town, the area designed for young kids with a splash pad, tea cup ride and kiddie coaster, but hey, they survived. As hot as it was (90+ on both days we were at the park), the splash pad was a pretty welcome sight and we all cooled off a little in it.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Breakfast buffet at Santa's Lodge in Santa Claus, Indiana

On our recent trip to Santa Claus, Indiana we spent our first three days at Lake Rudolph Campground and RV Resort, which is located right next to Holiday World Amusement and Splashin' Safari. It was a fun trip. We relaxed at the camp ground in the early morning and evenings and spent the day on rides and at the water park. 

By day four, we had tired of the doughnuts and pop tarts (hubby did make pancakes one morning, but there was no meat or eggs or fruit or anything along with it.) We stayed our last night at Santa's Lodge and were looking forward to the breakfast buffet in St. Nick's Restaurant that we'd had on previous trips. There are quite a few selections - scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, french toast sticks, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, cereal and fruit. It was much enjoyed before we headed out for a horseback ride at Santa's Stables. They are open later in the day, also, and they do offer a dinner buffet.

After we ate, we walked out the side door and down to the pond where there were some gigantic goldfish to feed. The turtles even swam up for some pancakes and biscuits. There's a bowl beside the register inside the restaurant marked "Fish Food" and you can take some out for feeding. The boys enjoyed it.

The night before we took a little time to visit the outdoor pool as it was very warm and humid. It was a nice, clean pool with lots of green around it. 

I also made the kids hop into the sleigh in the lobby for a picture. I consider it a score if I can get one out of the four to smile. :) It think i got two.

And, what would Santa's Lodge be without Santa himself?

Montana Mike's, Edinburgh, Indiana

On a recent trip to Santa Claus, Indiana we stopped for gas in the town of Edinburgh. I resisted my urge to shop. The kids took note of military vehicles going down the road as Camp Atterbury is near by. And my husband pointed out Montana Mike's Steakhouse. So, four days later as we were heading home in the late afternoon, we again stopped in Edinburgh for gas and decided to stop for dinner at Montana Mike's.

I had never heard of Montana Mike's and figured it was a steakhouse chain specific to that area, similar to the Texas Corral or Texas Roadhouse or Amarillo Roudhouse restaurants we have at home. Montana Mike's didn't have the peanuts to snack on like Texas Corral and was a little classier. The interior has a hunting/ranch theme and a menu full of hearty home cookin'.

First, we got a big basket of fresh buttery rolls served with an awesome whipped cinnamon butter.

Hubby tried a craft beer on tap from Bloomington Brewing Company called Ruby Bloom. I wasn't sure I would like it based on the dark color, but it wasn't heavy and bitter like I expected and had a smooth and more mellow flavor. Good choice! Always love to try out local brews when they are available.

There was a pretty big menu that included kid selections. Everyone (me, hubby and our four boys ages 9, 10, 12 and 15 quickly found something they liked. Five of the six of us got steak.

Each of the entrees came with a nice crisp salad. Loved the garlic ranch dressing.

A couple of specialty sauces were waiting on the table.

My youngest got the steak bites from the kid menu, which is available for ages 10 and under. The burger, chicken strip, corn dog and grilled cheese options were $4.99. Steak bites were $6.99, but still a bargain. There was a lot of steak there - probably equivalent to my sirloin. And my 9-year-old is as big a meat-eater as his brothers. He put a big dent in it.

My 15-year-old is in love with pretzel buns, so when he saw the Pretzel Bun Sliders (an item off the special menu insert), he ordered those. He got three in his order and got fries. He gave them a big thumbs up.

Also on the menu of summer specials were some really delicious sounding entrees, like campfire chicken tenders and  maple bacon pecan pork chops.

I got a simple sirloin, cooked medium with mashed potatoes. It was cooked perfectly and was super tender.

My husband and 10 year old ordered the special that night - a lobster entrusted sirloin with baked potato for just $13.49. I tried a couple bites of the lobster, which melted in my mouth and made me have a little diner's remorse. It was really good!

My 12-year-old, being the ultimate carnivore ordered the Aplewood Bacon Sirloin (with the mild horseradish sauce not he side.) A sirloin topped with tons of bacon. How could you not love that? He got it with a side of macaroni and cheese, something he always gets as a side when he sees it on the menu at restaurants. Both the steak and mac and cheese got his seal of approval.

Although none of us thought we could eat another bite, hubby gave the boys a green light on a couple desserts. One was this - the Rocky Mountain Mudslide, which was a warm homemade chocolate browie with chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, chopped walnuts and whipped cream. That thing was MONSTER size. It could have fed four people.

All of their massive desserts are just $4.99!

We also ordered a New York Cheese cake with cherry topping. I was too full to even attempt a taste, so I can't give my opinion on it. But, it looks pretty awesome and if it's as good as that brownie dessert, it should measure up for any sweet loving diner at Montana Mike's.

One more thing I have to add about the meal. Three soldiers came in dressed in full military uniform and hubby chatted with them for a few minutes. Then my 12-year-old, who will be going to an encampment next month at Camp Atterbury with his Civil Air Patrol group chatted with them a little bit. Made me proud when my hubby said to the waiter, "I'd like to pay for dinner for the men over at that table." It was a nice, small gesture for three of the active military who sacrifice a lot to serve our country. Our waitress kindly brought us their bill and waited until we left to let them know it was covered. It was a nice gesture for my boys to witness, too, and to let them know how grateful we are for those who serve.

Overall, the meal was exceptional, especially when you take into consideration the reasonable prices. The service was wonderful (shout out to our server, Carly!!!) The atmosphere was fun. We'll definitely be back if we come across another Montana Mike's in our travels. Unfortunately there are no Montana Mike's Steakhouses in the Chicago area, but there are a few in the Indianapolis area and one in Danville, Illinois

Aunt Maple's Pumpkin Spice Pancake Mix

I've been spending a little extra time this weekend cleaning up the photo files and updating the blog. I came across this draft from last November when Chicago Foodie Sister Becky had just brought home her new baby, Eli. Isn't he adorable? He's now 7 months old - sitting up, crawling, babbling. It's been a few weeks since I've seen him and it's amazing how quickly he has changed.

During those first weeks at home, I made a couple visits to see Eli and Becky and tried to make some meals for Becky and her husband Tim. One thing I made for her was a big batch of Pumpkin Spice pancakes. It was from a mix I'd gotten at Aldi. Aldi has so many wonderful products that when I see something new I always like to try it out. Becky is also a been fan of anything pumpkin flavored, so I thought she would like it. The box made quite a big batch for them to have for breakfast the next couple days. When it returns this fall, check it out! You can also find other flavors at other times of the year. I have a box of banana chocolate chip flavor in my pantry now that I think I'll make this week.

Resauranteur profile: J. Wolf of Da Lobsta

Da Lobsta came to the block in January 2013 as a quick service lobster roll eatery in the Gold Coast neighborhood of downtown Chicago, conceived by restaurateur J. Wolf.
Wolf concocted the idea out of his love for visiting Maine growing up, as well as his interest in the eclecticism of food culture he found living in Los Angeles. As a child, lobster rolls became one of Wolf’s favorite dishes; seafood always seemed to hit the spot. When he moved to the West Coast later in life, he discovered his beloved sandwich on a food truck cruising around town, and would frequently find himself driving 45 minutes out of the way just to get a bite.
At the same time, Wolf was operating The Glendon Bar & Kitchen in Hollywood, a high end dining spot mixing American and California cuisines. He began to experiment with the idea of creating a restaurant on a smaller scale, offering high quality products with his own unique twist and less of an emphasis on dining. 
Suddenly, something clicked with his past and present obsessions.
Wolf eventually moved to Chicago, leaving behind The Glendon to pursue his new idea with his favorite foodie pleasure: the lobster roll. He decided to add ethnic variations to the mix as a way to diversify the standard, and suit the assorted feel of his new home. 
While in Maine, a lobster roll is a working man's sandwich sold on the side of the highway or pier, in big cities, they’ve been turned into gourmet items. Many fancier versions pack in dozens of ingredients and cost significantly more, but don’t taste better than the original. Wolf wanted to avoid a similar result and created new renditions of the lobster roll, while tapping into the simplicity and authenticity of the original.
The result was Da Lobsta.
At Da Lobsta, Wolf and his team currently serve authentic New England sandwiches with a twist, taking the east coast concept of chilled Lobster Claw & Knuckle meat (Blue Crab and Shrimp can also be substituted), strip of mayo and warm garlic butter drizzled on top of a New England Style toasted. Daring to be different, the original can also be changed up with Indian, Asian, Mexican, and Greek varieties.
Think the American Dream on a bun.
Not to be confused with sushi (seriously, there are a few of those!), Da Lobsta brings the standard lobster roll to another level by offering homemade, customizable sandwiches at a reasonable price, without requiring dine-in service. None of the frou-frou, just straight good eats.
Following the success of his flagship location, Wolf will open a second eatery at the French Market in downtown Chicago, which will serve a smaller menu with daily specials. The crew can also been seen doing their thing every Saturday at the “The Nosh” street fair in Wicker Park.

At Da Lobsta, progress has been a testament to concept, congeniality and one super sexy mascot, Da Lobsta himself. Wolf feels he has fit right in with Chi-Town's culinary scene, embracing a community with many cultures.

Profile information and photo provided by Kurman Communications, Inc.