Cookie Walk

Just sharing some pictures from this lovely Christmas cookie walk I stumbled upon a couple weeks ago. I had just dropped off my friend, Michelle, after we did a book signing event at the local high school during a Breakfast with Santa. I saw a big bright sign marked "Cookie Walk" with an arrow. We were close to a school, so I thought the sign would lead me there, but when I got to the school, there was no one in sight. No cars. No signs. I was about to give up, but decided to check out the church across the street. I pulled in and in front of the door was another sign that read "Cookie Walk."

I assumed it was a fundraiser and figured I would go buy some cookies for the family. When I stopped in I learned that it was free and the ladies at the church were doing it as an outreach project. They even had a little table of refreshments and hot coffee and cider and invited everyone who came in to stay and relax. I did just that - and texted Michelle and told her to come on over. The ladies there  were asking people to spread the word because they had so many cookies and so few visitors. Michelle showed up and we relaxed with some cider and snacks. Props to the Oak Glen United Reformed Church in Lansing for putting on this wonderful event.