Harry Caray's Italian Steakhouse

Good ol' Harry Caray really holds a special place in my heart. I was a kid in the 1980's and was raised by a big Cubs fan. Although my dad grew up in central Illinois surrounded by Cardinals fans, he said he fell in love with the Chicago Cubs in 1945 when he listed to them play in the World Series on the radio at age 9 and followed them in the Chicago newspaper that was delivered to their home. Dad's now 79 and I don't think he has a greater wish than to see the Cubs get to the World Series again.

Growing up, on weekdays we sometimes caught the end of a game after he got home from work and we were home from school. On weekends, we always tuned in to WGN listening for that favorite phrase of "Holy Cow" as a ball entered the outfield and headed over the brick, ivy-covered wall. It was uber delightful to hear Harry prep with "Uh one, uh two, uh three...Take me out to the ball game" in the middle of the 7th-inning, a tradition he started while announcing for the White Sox that he carried on to the Cubs and which still continues today at Wrigley Field and beyond. 

The 1984 Cubs were my team. I will never forget the elation of watching them clinch the division that year and Harry was there cheering with the best of them. Ok, so enough of my reminiscing. Let's just say that much of the reason I love the Cubs is because of my dad, but the other big reason is Harry Caray. He just made you love the game. Harry's the man. No doubt about it. 

So, last weekend my oldest son and I set out for the Cubs Convention at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Chicago. When I realized that most of the fun on Saturday wrapped up around 5 p.m. at the convention and there was a big gap before Cubs bingo was to begin at 8, I asked Brad if he'd like to head over to Harry Caray's for dinner. I called and was lucky to get an early reservation at 5. It was the first time for either of us heading there to dine.

You can't visit Harry Caray's Italian Steakhouse without snapping a shot with the bust of Harry. Behind it hang photos of celebrities and politicians and it's fun to scan the frames to see who's been there before you.

So on to the food. I opted for the Three Course Prix Fixe menu at $52.95. It included a choice of salad, entree and dessert. I ordered a BLT wedge, which I really enjoyed. They do not skimp on the bleu cheese, which made it really awesome!

Brad ordered the cavatappi with grilled shrimp, which was one of the specials of the evening.

I love the presentation by our server (who I believe was named Don -- shout out to him!) He brought a tray out with the dry aged steaks and chops and gave a run down on each one. The steak was nothing short of beautiful. And yes it tasted as good as it looks - probably even better.

For dessert, I went for the key lime pie. Can't go wrong there. I was too full to finish it at the restaurant, so it went back to the hotel with me. And later that night, in my big, comfy hotel bed at the Palmer House Hilton in my comfy sheep jammies, I savored every bite of this delicious treat.

Had to get a shot of the "Holy Cow!"

The root beer (WBC) was incredibly good - smooth and vanilla-y like cream soda.

Don also took us to the lower level vault and told us about its link to Al Capone.

Dining at Harry Caray's Steakhouse was a fun experience and the food was amazing. It was a perfect dinner venue for a weekend full of Cubs fun and history and optimism. It's looking like it's going to be a good year. And Harry's got a pretty good seat for it!

Harry Caray's Italian Steakhouse
33 W. Kinzie