Orange Chicken at J's Peapod in Lansing, IL

I've posted in the past on a great Chinese restaurant near my house called J's Peapod. I haven't been that adventurous in ordering and often stick to Sweet & Sour chicken. They also have great egg rolls, fried rice and beef with veggies. On the most recent visit I tried out the Orange Chicken. Don't know why I haven't ordered it before. It's what we order at most other Chinese restaurants and it's my son's favorite dish when we hit Panda Express. J's Peapod gets a thumbs up for the Orange Chicken and it's going to be a regular item when we order from now on.

J's Peapod has two locations in Lansing, one on Burnham Ave. at the south end of town and another just off Burnham at the north end of town.