Pinstripes grand opening in Chicago today

Classy bowling by Pinstripes has made it's way to the Windy City. One of my favorite venues, Pinstripes, has a new location opening today. This bring the total to seven locations, four of them in the Chicago area. If you're not familiar with the Pinstripes concept, it takes the fun of bowling to a whole new level. Accompanied by luxurious lounge lane areas where you can nosh on gourmet Italian inspired specialties, craft beers and a nice selection of wines, the venue also offers bocce. All of this fun is situated in a prime spot along the river.

I've been to the Oak Brook location a few times. I've actually not bowled there yet, but I would like to. I bowl (pretty pathetically in a ladies league) and this seems like a perfect spot for a fun girls night out. I have played bocce the on a few occasions and it's a great time. When my sis and brother-in-law were in town from Arizona for my niece's wedding last summer, we wanted to plan a fun night out that included something a little more than dinner and drinks and first place I thought of was Pinstripes. We all enjoyed it.

Last night we had the opportunity to attend the grand opening party at the new location. I enjoyed sampling some of my favorites from the menu. The pear salad is probably my favorite thing on the menu. They have fantastic house made pastas, awesome seafood dishes and much more, but something about that salad just is perfection to the palate.

The pear salad (pictured on the bottom) is my very favorite menu item.

My neighbor next to me at the table was fond of the jumbo shrimp. It was accompanied by a killer Remoulade sauce.

The guys did their best to sample a few of the craft beers.

As usual, the desserts were magnificent.

Kelly and I toasted to a fun night out and a spot that is sure to host many fun times. I can't wait to check it out in the summer!

435 E. Illinois
Chicago, IL