St. Patrick's Day at Nelsons Saloon

Our favorite little town to go hang out in is Three Oaks, Michigan. Hubby discovered it years ago when he would visit our good friend, Don, who lived in the neighboring town of Galien. On the way back from visiting with the kids and riding ATVs they would often stop on the way back in Three Oaks for a bite to eat or to grab something from Drier's Meat Market. He fell in love with the laid back atmosphere and the charming main street.

Sadly, Don passed away a few years ago, but we continue to make trips up to Three Oaks and the surrounding communities several times a year. Most of our visits are in the summer months, but we also like to stop in the off season. Many of the businesses are seasonal or greatly reduce their hours in the fall and winter, but one place we can count on to always be open is Nelsons Saloon. It's the Cheers of the town. When we stop in the bartenders seem to know all the locals. They also have really good food, including an incredible Reuben that I order on many of our visits.

This week as St. Patrick's Day approached, I suggested to hubby that we make a trip up to Three Oaks for corned beef and cabbage at Nelsons. Once we got there, however, I couldn't resist the Reuben. We got one of each and split it, along with a Killian's Irish Red.

Hubby ordered a Baily's Cream Pie, which was amazing.

I got a grasshopper pie to go. Again - amazing!

Nelsons Saloon 
18 N. Elm Street
Three Oaks, Michigan