Wild Garden Hummus offers snack packs

Healthy snacking can sometimes be a challenge. Very often it's so convenient and tempting to reach
for a bag of chips or some cookies. Fruit and veggies are the ultimate fast food, but might not always be readily available and it does take time for the prep or cleaning and chopping. Not to mention that it's not all that filling and has you reaching for another snack soon after you're done and you just need something a little more substantial.

Wild Garden is now offering a line of on-the-go hummus snacks that you can feel good about. Their products have 25 to 50% less calories than other leading hummus. Each pack comes with a crunchy pack of veggie chips, quinoa chips, multi-seedcrackers or pita chips with each pack being all natural and gluten free. Hummus comes in traditional, sun-dried tomato and roasted garlic flavors. Being the garlic lover I am, the roasted garlic hummus was my favorite. I loved it paired with the pita chips and the veggies chips. No refrigeration is needed, so you can keep a pack in a purse or backpack to snack on no matter where you are.

The Wild Garden Snack Pack to Go is available in the Chicago area at Jewel, Sunset Foods, Treasure Island, Garden Fresh, Caputo's and World Market. Wild Garden Hummus in jars can also be found at Target and Meijer.

For further product info, visit:
  • www.wildgardenhummus.com or https://www.facebook.com/WildGardenHummusDip

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