Brunch with Billy at Bottlefork

So, last week as I driving along listening to a morning radio show, the Chicago food scene was being discussed and Bottlefork was mentioned ~ and in a very positive light. I had flashbacks to a lovely outing last summer when the Chicago Foodie Sisters were invited to be part of an intimate group to join Billy Dec on a brunch crawl. Kelly and I nibbled and munched and noshed and sipped and savored so many tasty bites while stopping first at Sunda and then finishing off at Bottlefork.

Situated in River North, the American bar and kitchen of Bottlefork offers a divinely eclectic mix of globally-inspired fare. Of all the dishes we tried, not one was "meh." They all wowed me pretty much equally. Cast iron baked French Toast. Braised beef cheek poutine. A bag of malt vinegar crisps with egg. Glazed donut holes with a homemade jelly. A breakfast sope with chorizo black beans, guacamole and ranchera sauce. A homemade spam eggs benedict. A melt-in-your-mouth cobbler. And more.

I loved the laid-back and comfortably chic vibe and how they elevated such predictable brunch classics to give them a vibrant presentation and flavor that wouldn't soon be forgotten. We met Chef Kevin Hickey on our stop and that man knows how to do brunch!

Scroll down and take a peek at what I'm talking about.

Ahhh....we interrupt to bring you this Bellini...

And back to brunch...

Billy was an awesome host and so down-to-earth. He's so full of passion for everything he's involved in. I'm a huge fan of everything he does, whether its opening a hot new eatery, doing charity work or popping up in a crime drama. The day was simply delicious.

441 N. Clark
Chicago, IL
(312) 955-1900