A Return to Noodles & Co.

I've been to Noodles & Company on several occasions, but my husband had never been there, so when a buy one bowl, get one free coupon showed up in my e-mail, I figured it was time that I introduce him.

He isn't a big pasta fan and needs some meat in his meal, so he decided on the Japanese Pan Noodles with marinated steak. He's also not a fan of sprouts, but I totally am, so I gladly took them off his hands. I tried out the noodles and veggies, as well. Loved the al dente veggies and had the noodles been a tad milder it would have been a winner for me, but with the wimpy taste buds I have, it was a bit over the edge on my spice-o-meter.

I opted for a dish I've had a couple times before, the Alfredo MontAmore. I always forget to order a small, which is usually a perfect portion for me, but ended up with the regular size. All was good, though. I took the other half home for a lunch the next day. I love the creamy sauce with spinach, mushrooms tomato and parmesan-crusted chicken.

If you're not familiar with Noodles & Company, they offer a nice variety of Italian-style pasta dishes and Asian-inspired bowls along with American classics like mac and cheese and buttered noodles. There are about a dozen different options for the noodles & pasta and you can add meat or tofu and then you can add a side of soup, salad or extra veggie for $1.25. You'll also find usually three or four soups another four salads, four sandwiches and then some other small bites that include potstickers and cheesy garlic bread. There are also yummy desserts!

It's a nice, casual place that's a step up from fast food drive-thru windows with fresh ingredients where you don't have to eat out of a styrofoam container. Give it a try if you get a chance! Visit noodles.com for more info.