Historical society lunch

Over the weekend, my husband I went on a very interesting quarry tour in Thornton, Illinois. The small community is home to the world's largest commercial limestone quarry. Two times a year, they take groups down into the quarry and you even have a chance to walk around a collect rocks to take back with you. In many of them you can easily find fossils of small creatures that lurked around thousands of years ago when the area was still part of Lake Michigan. After the tour, we returned to the church where our tour day started and enjoyed lunch.

My husband is a fan of "Dagwood" sandwiches that are stacked really high, so when we opened our containers to find this, a big smile came over my husband's face. It had layers of roast beef, turkey, salami, ham, several cheeses, tomato and lettuce on a crusty sesame seed bread. Along with it was some pasta salad and some chocolate chip sandwich cookies.

I stuck my head in the kitchen where a few ladies were at work cleaning up. I asked where they had ordered the food from. One looked at me with a bewildered look. "We made it!" she said. She kind of snapped, like she couldn't fathom someone thinking of catering a meal for such an event. I told them they did a great job and that the sandwich was delicious. Somehow knowing it was made in the kitchen by this little group of ladies made it taste even better.