Foodie's Market Cafe

Foodie's Market Cafe in Dyer, Indiana has been a favorite local spot for me for quite some time now. I'm in the far south suburbs along the Indiana border, but I head into Indiana often for work or to shop or to take the kids to the doctor or dentist. So, I pass by this place often. 

When I judged a cooking competition last week and the judge beside me was the manager of Foodie's, it reminded me that is has been months since my last visit. So, I've had a hankering for one of their sandwiches and soups since that night.

I finally filled my craving on the way to a movie, where I stopped first for a bowl of their fabulous Steak and Ale Soup (my favorite of the soups there), which I paired with half of a BLT. I don't know what kept me away so long. I can't wait to get back there again.

There were a few changes since my last visit. The dining room has expanded, but that also means the gourmet section is quite a bit smaller. They've also added blue plate dinner specials in the past couple months, so you can get a hot, hearty dinner of classic diner comfort foods like pot pie, meatloaf and roasted pork along with a couple sides. 

Stop and check it out if you haven't already. Visit for more info.