Screamin' Sicilian Pizza

It's not often that I'll recommend a frozen pizza because there are just so many good neighborhood pizzerias to choose from and because making a grill pizza is so easy. But, I recently tried out some Screamin' Sicilian Italian Combination Pizza and this is one that I would definitely buy. I had a sample as we visited the Homewood Hopfest and Screaming' Sicilian had a truck as you entered the event. I really liked the slices of Italian sausage and the generous portions of cheese.

Visit for info on where you can find their pizzas.


  1. I will try to find out where I can buy one of their pizza's for movie night this coming week-end. Do they have a store in Chicago?

  2. It's available at a lot of Jewel-Osco stores, Walmarts, etc. Find locations here:

  3. If you've seen a rise in purchases of your spicy clucker here in CA and CO, it's because me!!! You unofficial spokes person for this RAD pizza! Thanks for this delicious-Ness you've created


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