Pizza is enjoyed by millions on Thanksgiving Eve

The evening before Thanksgiving is one where there's meal prep going on and visiting and traveling - and to make the most of it, what do millions of Americans choose for dinner on this busy evening? If you said pizza, you guessed right. Pizza is understandably appealing for the evening before Thanksgiving for its convenience and versatility.

According to the American Pizza Community (APC), pizza is frequently chosen around celebratory occasions and large family gatherings as it is highly-customizable and very transportable, allowing you to get an oven-baked meal delivered hot to your door. The APC is a coalition representing pizza stores big and small, and supplier and vendor partners that make up the American pizza industry. 

Thanksgiving Eve remains one of the five busiest days of the year for pizza orders.  Some of the larger pizza companies estimate that they will sell more than one million pizzas on Thanksgiving Eve.

Some of the reasons pizza is so popular on this busy day are:

  • Pizza offers wholesome-quality, customizable ingredients that are sure to satisfy a whole group.
  • Pizza is a flexible option: pick it up, dine in or have it delivered. Any way you slice it, it's hot, fresh and easy.
  • Pizza is a low-stress choice.  You don’t have to pile everyone into a car to go out the night before a long day of travel.
  • Pizza is the perfect meal to bring people together and for many special celebratory occasions. It’s a convenient and communal meal that is meant to be shared, and is a real crowd pleaser. 

Are you planning to order pizza for dinner on Thanksgiving Eve? What's you favorite spot to order from?
The American Pizza Community is a coalition of the nation’s large and small pizza companies, operators, franchisees, vendors, suppliers and other entities that make up the American pizza industry.  The coalition was formed in 2010 to advocate for policies affecting pizza companies and operators including menu and labeling information, fair wages, work opportunity tax credit, background checks, tax policies and small business access to capital.