Dang! That's Good Butterscotch Root Beer

My family knows that as a foodie, I like to try new foods and beverages every chance I get. So, when hubby and the boys were making their way through the hardware store and noticed some unusual soda brands near the checkout, they picked this up and wrapped it along with my Christmas gifts.

At first the thought of butterscotch with root beer didn't sound very appealing, but i have certainly learned that you can't be fooled by what sounds like an odd or ill-matched combination. Sometimes you can be really surprised by how well some flavors go together. That goes for this soda. The butterscotch is subtle and it has a vanilla flavor with it as well, which made it taste to me more like a cream soda. It was actually pretty sweet (but not overly sweet) and delicious and I'd gladly accept another bottle as a gift (hint, hint kids!)

I looked up the soda and learned that it is made by Imperial Flavors Beverage Company in Milwaukee and they have been making unique soda flavors since 1964. I will be on the look-out for additional flavors! For more information on the company, visit imperial flavors.com.