Get a Free Big Mac Today on National Eat What You Want Day

Every day is a food holiday of some sort. Today happens to be National Eat What You Want Day. So, what do Americans want to indulge in on Eat What You Want Day?

A recent Postmates Culinary Cravings Survey found that the McDonald's Big Mac ranks as America's #1 most-craved food. To celebrate the food holiday, Postmates is rewarding 20,000 Chicago residents with free Big Macs all day.

To get the scoop on America's most delicious guilty pleasures, Postmates [] (America's most popular universal delivery app) partnered with the junk food fanatics at [] to find out what Americans like to eat when they can eat whatever they want.

The survey, which you can view here, included some interesting information. Here are where other foods rank:

#1: Big Mac (McDonald's)
#2: Chicken Sandwich (Chick-fil-A)
#3: Crunchy Taco (Taco Bell)
#4: Whopper (Burger King)
#5: McNuggets (McDonald's)
#6: Cheese Pizza (Pizza Hut)
#7: Original Recipe Fried Chicken (KFC)
#8: Baconator (Wendy's)
#9: Roast Beef Sandwich (Arby's) 

The survey also revealed the difference between what men and women crave. Thirty-four percent of men crave meat most often, while forty percent of women crave sweets the most.

Additionally, according to the survey these are the foods that people would most like to indulge in if there were no consequences:

#1: Pizza (13%)
#2: Burgers (11%)
#3: Ice cream (11%)
#4: Tacos or burritos (9%)
#5: Chocolate (9%)
#6: Anything with carbs (like pasta or bread) (9%)
#7: French fries (9%)
#8: Donuts (7%)
#9: Cake (5%)
#10: Chips (5%)
#11: Cheese (4%)
#12: Cookies (5%)
#13: Macaroni & cheese (4%)

To encourage even more Chicago residents to indulge a little, Postmates is delivering a free Big Mac to the first 20,000 Chicago dwellers who download Postmates and order on May 11.

1. Download the Postmates app by visiting:

2. Add a Big Mac to your cart from your local McDonald's

3. Use code EATWHATEVER to get it for free