Dozeli Pizzeria in Chicago Heights

When I was way down in the south suburbs taking my son to the Secretary of State facility to get his driver permit, I figured we should celebrate with food afterwards...because doesn't everyone eat after an exciting milestone?

When his brother got his license, we stopped afterwards at Zarlengo's Italian Ice and Gelato for a treat, so that's where I immediately thought to stop. However, upon arrival, I noticed the "cash only" sign and I didn't have much cash on me. So, we drove on. But when I spotted Dozeli Pizzeria, it looked like a good place to get a slice. Just looked and felt like a classic south side pizzeria that would have pizza the way I like it with a thin crust, but ample amounts of cheese and really good sausage. It didn't disappoint. Just look at how perfectly that pepperoni is places on that slice of pizza? And sausage is usually a deal breaker for me. Even if I love everything else about it, it if has cruddy sausage, I'll never eat it again. It definitely passed the test.

Dozeli Pizzeria

209 Joe Orr Road
Chicago Heights, IL


Donzelli Pizzeria

3324 Chicago Road
South Chicago Heights, IL