Chicken and Veggie Spinach Wrap

I'm such a bread lover and I'd usually choose a thick sourdough or a marbled rye or a crusty Italian slice before using a wrap, but you gotta keep it under control unless you want to look as round as one of those big fresh loaves - you know those round and toasty ones that are so good when they are warmed and have such a good crunch on the outside and are so soft and fluffy on the inside and...wait, where was I going with this? Oh, yeah, so bread is good, but too much of it is bad, so once in a while a wrap is a good substitute. 

On my shopping trip to Aldi last week, I picked up some spinach herb wraps. I love anything spinach,  so was looking forward to using it. For lunch one day I pulled one out and slathered on some sun-dried tomato pesto then added layers of arugula, spinach, cucumbers and grape tomatoes along with some chicken breast and some shredded Swiss and gruyere blend. It made for a delicious light lunch with lots of the veggies I love and the spinach wrap was so good I forgot how much I love bread. :)