Early Thanksgiving

This year our family got together for an early Thanksgiving. Our big sis flew in from Arizona and the rest of us - who all live in Illinois and Northwest Indiana - we there. So, it was my mom and dad and all six kids (and 5 of their 6 daughters and sons-in-law.) And 14 of my parent's 16 grandkids were there - ranging in age from 1 to 39.

We had a usual feast with Thanksgiving and lots of side dishes and desserts. We also were celebrating the birthdays of the two youngest grandkids.

It's kind of been a big relief that the celebration is done. I'll still be celebrating at home with my husband and five sons and we'll have a big meal, which is actually unusual for us. My husband is a firefighter and he is often working on the holiday. But it will be a cozy meal at home. Just us. And I'm looking forward to a quiet, low-key holiday. The other foodie sis, Becky, will be celebrating with her in-laws. Wishing all of our foodie friends a wonderful holiday full of fun and family and lots of good food.