Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer Pefect for NYE Cocktails

We recently received samples of four varieties of Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer. It's quite tasty on it's own, but also offers a good kick for your favorite cocktails as well. The all-natural unfiltered crafted sodas really pack a punch - especially the extra spicy version. 

Also, a recent addition to their craft soda line are 7-ounce flavored varieties. I tried the mango and earl gray, both of which had that strong bite that you find in the traditional ginger beer, but with the additional flavor infusion that takes it to another level - and with real bits of ginger that you can see.

If Moscow Mules are on your New Year's Even menu, Brooklyn Crafted ginger beer will take it up a notch from what you're used to.

Looking for something new to serve up? Here's a tantalizing cocktail recipe provided by Brooklyn Crafted that is sure to wow your new year's guests.

Ginger Raspberry Sparkler

1/3 oz Raspberry Puree
1.5 oz Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer Mini, Lemon/Lime
Splash of Limoncello
4 oz Champagne
Squeeze of Lime Juice Fresh
Stir raspberry puree, Brooklyn Crafted Mini Lemon/Lime and Limoncello in a champagne flute. Top with champagne and a squeeze of lime juice. Garnish with raspberries and enjoy!