Macaron Classes at Bakewell Bakery

In cleaning out the 2017 photos files, I came across these pics I took not for the blog but for a local publication I was writing an article for. The article was on the macaron classes available at Bakewell Bakery in Flossmoor.

I absolutely adore the place. Everything I've eaten that they have made is amazing - scones, cookies, sandwiches, bangers wrapped in flaky dough, etc. This past fall both of us foodie sisters finally made it there for afternoon tea which was amazing. If you missed that post, click here.

Anyway, I didn't participate in the class, just watched and snapped pics and interviewed some participants and Pat, the owner. I don't see any classes currently listed on the website, but when they offer them again, I'd highly recommend it. It was a full afternoon of learning and do-ing and tasting and all the ladies who were there were having a wonderful time. They also were able to bring home lots and lots of goodies. 

Bakewell Bakery
1050 Sterling Ave.
Flossmoor, IL
(708) 991-7462