Now Find™ Apps Help Those With Special Diets Find Foods For Them

I recently received some information on Now Find™ Apps that can be useful for those who choose or need to follow a specific diet. If you are restricted to gluten-free or dairy free, opt for a vegetarian diet or lean toward organic foods, these APPS can be a big time saver and help you easily identify what you can eat - as it's more common to be looking at a sea of options that you can't have.

I downloaded one of the family of APPS and found it easy to use. You can easily look up products or all products by a certain brand to see which fall into your "can have" category. You can also compile shopping lists to make you trips to the grocery store easier.

Check out Now Find Organic & Non-GMO, Now Find Gluten Free, Now Find Dairy Free, Now Find Gluten Free & Now Find Vegetarian, which are available on the App Store or Google Play, offering detailed information and ingredients for over 30,000+ products at the touch of your fingertips. You can also further refine searches with additional filters if you're looking for something that's Sugar Free or Vegan or free of artificial flavors - with 16 additional filter options.

You can download the apps here: