Skyline Chili

I had heard of Cincinnati-style chili before, but I didn't realize what a big deal chili is in that city until I visited last year with two of my boys. I seemed to be seeing Skyline Chili everywhere we went and so I didn't want to head back home without trying it. As we were heading out of town I put enough change in the meter for 10 minutes, ran inside a location near our hotel ordered a chili dog, took a picture of it and then packed it to go and ate it in the car.  It was quite tasty especially with that mound of cheddar cheese. I love the sweetness to Cincinnati-style chili and it was a perfect topper for the hot dog.

I learned that in Cincinnati, they do chili a number of "ways".
Two-way chili is spaghetti topped with chili.
Three-way is spaghetti, chili, cheese.
Four-way is spaghetti, chili, cheese, onion.
Five-way is spaghetti, chili, cheese, onion and beans.

Since we're talking about skylines, here's a shot of the Cincinnati skyline from across the border in Kentucky.

They have a speedy method of taking orders and delivering them, which I completely messed up. :) 

There's plenty of merchandise and product that you can buy to commemorate your trip or help you duplicate their recipe at home. There are several locations in Ohio and Kentucky. Go to for more info.

Dining at Skyline Chili is one of those things you have to check off the list if you're in the Cincinnati area.