Chuy's Third Chicagoland Location Opens Tuesday in Orland Park

I was introduced to Chuy's, the fun Tex-Mex chain that originated in Austin in 1982, last summer when they opened their first location in Illinois in suburban Warrenville. The place itself had such an awesome, casual, eclectic vibe and it's one of those places you go into where you just can't help but smile. The place is bright and colorful and quirky - with a nacho bar served out of a vintage car, a ceiling covered entirely with hubcaps and an Elvis shrine. 

The food is super fresh with nothing being frozen. Tortillas are made fresh every day. Fresh chicken is roasted all day long. Guac is made from scratch. 10 signature sauces are made fresh daily. They've also got a great list of signature cocktails and if you area fan of margaritas, this is your place.

On Tuesday a new Chuy's will be opening in Orland Park. This is the 93rd location for Chuy's and the third in Chicagoland. After the Warrenville location opened last July, another was added in Schaumburg. If you're one of the first 50 in line when the doors open at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, you'll be awarded with "Free Chuy's for Two" certificates that entitle the bearer to a free meal for two once a month for 12 months. For more info on Chuy's, visit


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