The Marmalade Sky Bed & Breakfast

On a recent visit to Danville, Indiana, we had the opportunity to stay at The Marmalade Sky, a lovely bed and breakfast just a short walk from the downtown square. I'm such a fan of B & Bs. I stayed in my first one, the Gray Goose Inn in Chesterton, Indiana as a teenager.

My mom fell in love with the place when she visited with her friend, Nola, and she adored the owners, Chuck and Tim, so we'd make a trip there about once a year as a family. I still remember the first visit where we had a delicious sourdough French toast topped with bananas and pecans. It was the first time I had ever had guava juice. We enjoyed it as we looked out at the pond where ducks and geese gathered for their breakfast as we ate ours. And I remember our last visit there - a girls weekend with my three sisters about 8 years ago. One of the owners had passed away and the other continued on for a bit on his own and eventually the place closed and sold. I miss going there, but it will always hold a special place in my heart.

After we got married, we would seek out B & Bs as we traveled. It was always so nice to spend time in places that were usually large Victorian homes with beautiful furnishings, chat with the owners and know that a warm breakfast would be waiting the next morning.

The decor of Marmalade Sky was adorable. Everything fit the era (the home dates back to the late 1800s) and there was such attention to detail. The beautiful yellow home sits up on a hill and we enjoyed gathering in the morning for breakfast and chatting with another couple who was staying there. We were there on a Saturday when they serve a full breakfast in the dining room. Like us, the other couple was visiting for the annual Mayberry Festival. 

On the table was juice, coffee and water and she had prepared a delicious egg bake on top of sausage that was wrapped in a flaky croissant-like dough with country gravy over the top and served with fresh fruit. It was delicious and a perfect portion for us before we set out for the festival.

They have this cute little retro camper in back, too, for extra guests.

Our rom was very nicely decorated and cozy.

This little nook was at the top of the stairs looking out at the street. It's a perfect, tranquil little spot to sit and enjoy a morning cup of coffee and read the paper.

The nook was on a little landing and then you went up five more stairs to get to our room, which had a little table of snacks and beverages with a microwave and retro refrigerator outside of it.

A peek at other guest rooms...

If you're headed for the Indianapolis area, keep this place - located just west of the city - on your radar. It's super cute and within walking distance of a historic downtown with as much charm as Mayberry. For more information, visit