Brunch at Riviera

I was running errands the other day - a bit past lunch time and a bit hungry. I was driving by Riviera Restaurant and decided to pull in because I was in the mood for breakfast food. 

I went back and forth between an omelet, a skillet or eggs Benedict, which is what I finally settled on. Holy hollandaise...they lay it on thick. It hit the spot. I did what I normally do when I dine out. I ate half and took home the other half. I have a standing rule to not eat more than half of a meal when I go out. It helps me from totally overdoing it and eating way larger portions than necessary - and I end up with an extra meal to have later or something that one of the kids can eat when they come asking what there is to eat with the attitude that they are starving.

Riviera Restaurant 
615 Ridge Road
Munster, IN