Produce Depot

I've posted in the past about a favorite food shopping spot, Produce Depot. I first started shopping here years ago when there was a Dyer, Indiana location. They later moved to St. John, Indiana, which is a bit farther from me, so I don't get there very often. 

The kids' pediatrician was in St. John until he retired a couple months ago, so at least I knew that at the very least, I'd get out that way with each kid when I took them for a yearly check-up or school physical or immunizations. Now that Dr. Kinne has retired, I'll have to just make Produce Depot my destination rather than a side stop. It's so worth making a trip out there.

I almost always get a freshly made sandwich when I'm out there - usually turkey on focaccia bread with lots of veggies on top. They used to have these really good seasoned tomatoes as a topping. I'm guessing it was something simple like olive oil and a few Italian seasonings - oregano and basil, maybe - that I could try and duplicate at home, but just isn't quite the same. I was sad when they were discontinued and they just really, really elevated the sandwich and gave it so much extra flavor. Anyway, the sandwiches are so good (even without the seasoned tomatoes) and the bread is made fresh daily in the store. It comes with a choice of side and I always select the apple slaw. 

I usually eat half there and take the other half home because it's a pretty big sandwich. And I order when I arrive and then shop while they make it. They place isn't huge, so I can zip through and get what I need in 5 or 10 minutes.

They, of course, have a great selection of fresh produce, but I always have to get some of the fresh bread while I'm there, too. And I love the walk in cooler where I can pick up fresh herbs. 

They have a few other aisles of shelves of gourmet groceries and I got some really good imported Italian pasta on my last trip. They also have cheeses and chocolates and a deli counter. So many goodies to choose from. There are a few items that I get here that I rarely see other places, like cipollini onions.

If you should end up in Northwest Indiana, this is a spot that I'd recommend for any foodie to make a trip to - even if it is a little out of the way. And you really have to get a freshly made sandwich on that killer focaccia. It. Is. Amazing.

Oh, and they also win the award for most creative bathroom doors in NW Indiana. :)