Three years ago, I visited a Hammond, Indiana restaurant called The Stuffed Pepper. I'd seen Facebook posts from people bragging about how wonderful the food was and that it was the best place to get Greek food outside of Greektown. After visiting, I was in total agreement with all the rave reviews.

Since my last time there, the restaurant has undergone a name change, but I learned that it did not undergo a change in ownership. The same family is still there making they same great food, but they simply decided to rebrand and switch to a name that better reflected what the place is all about. When you hear the name "Tzatziki," your mind can't help but go toward Greek food. I love to load up my gyros with that delicious sauce. 

As on my previous visit, I couldn't pass up the saganaki and it was just as fabulous as I remembered it. I also tried the lemon rice soup this time and it was so perfect and comforting. There are a lot of places in Northwest Indiana to get a bowl of lemon rice soup, but this is definitely one of the best.

Next up was my gyros with added feta. The portion was huge and I barely made a dent. I took it home and then ate it for two more meals afterwards.

I was dining with my friend, Michelle, and got a little taste of her meal, as well - a chicken skewer with rice and some really delicious Greek potatoes.

The menu is full of other Greek specialties and during lent they have a fish fry that is quite a deal.

If you haven't been there since the name change - or haven't been there at all, this place is a must if you are a fan of Greek food. It's surprising to find some amazing and authentic Greek dishes so far from Chicago's Greektown, but believe it. Pay them a visit and let them know that the Chicago Foodie Sisters sent you.

Tzatziki Greek Street Food
7231 Indianapolis
Hammond, IN
(219) 803-0273