Nostalgic Eateries, Part 2

Did you happen to see my post earlier this year about my favorite nostalgic eateries? I promised a part 2 since there were just too many for one post. So, I'm continuing my list of favorites. I hope you'll comment and tell me about your favorite spot that is a blast from the past.

Bristol 45 Diner

This fun throwback place in Southeastern Wisconsin just outside of Kenosha was such a fun blast from the past. It reminded me of a 50s diner that used to exist in my town called Al's Diner where you felt like you stepped back in time when you were there. Cute decor and good food, too.

The Original Burger King

When we were kids I remember my dad often telling us the story about the ORIGINAL Burger King that had been located in Mattoon, Illinois, the town next to where he grew up (Charleston) in Central, Illinois. Since it came before the fast food giant that has the same name, it was ruled that a Burger King franchise could not open up within a 20-mile radius for this Mattoon location. 

The Hobnob

Everyone should at least once (and many, more times in my opinion) have the experience of an old school supper club. There's no better place to do so than at the Hobnob in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. I visited during Kenosha's Restaurant Week this year and it was totally like walking back in time. It was like you walked in the door and were transported back half a century. My only regret about my visit is that it was winter and already dark when we arrived. Next time I want to be sure to get there during daylight for the spectacular view of Lake Michigan.

The Port Drive-In

What could be better than a drive-in where a carhop brings your meal out to you and places a tray on your window? One that makes their own root beer! I love this old school spot in Chesterton, Indiana. It was a regular stop when my boys played in the Northwest Indiana Soccer league and we were in town for a soccer match. If you're ever making a trip to the Indiana Dunes (now a national park!!!) this place isn't too far away and is worth visiting!

The Buchanan Sweet Shop

Who doesn't love an ice cream parlor? And they score big bonus points when it's an ice cream parlor with the old soda fountain...and stools at the counter and vinyl-covered booths. It makes the ice cream taste just that much sweeter! Loved this place in Buchanan, Michigan.

Miner Dunn

I adore this old school diner in Highland that once had a number of locations in NW Indiana. It began in 1932 and the burgers have retained that old school goodness. Be sure to order a cheeseburger with that creamy, delicious Old English cheese. And make it a deluxe so that you get some of their yummy orange sherbet for dessert.

The Cozy Drive In

This is said to be the place where the corn dog originated. You can still get corn dogs, served up just as they were decades ago in this fun place that is decorated with Route 66 memorabilia. It's located along old Route 66 in Springfield. And don't you dare leave town without getting in there for a cozy dog.

Frank's Diner

Kenosha is home to yet another of my favorite eateries - Frank's Diner. It's housed in a 1926 rail car and they've served some big name entertainers along the way. It's a great spot to enjoy breakfast. My favorite thing on the menu is the garbage plate.

Lindy's Chili and Gertie's Ice Cream

I made my first visit to this iconic spot just a couple months ago after stumbling across it online while researching food challenges. They have a couple that you can take part in. There are actually several locations, but we visited the one in Bridgeview. It's got such a cool story. Gertie's dates back to 1901 and Lindy's Chili started in 1924. In the 1970s a gentleman named Joseph Yesutis purchased both and combined them. It was a smart business decision. Ice cream sales tanked in winter, but that is when chili sales were at their highest. In summer, chili wasn't in demand, but ice cream was. It was a delicious match. I adore the place and can't wait to return.

Glenwood Oaks

For my entire childhood and into adulthood living in the south suburbs, Glenwood Oaks has always been a go-to place for special occasions. I've been there for retirement parties and Christmas parties and business luncheons and weddings and baby showers and significant birthdays over the years. So, besides the old school charm, it has so many sentimental memories attached.

Well, part 1 of my favorite nostalgic eateries was a list of 10. Part 2 has been a list of 10, but I don't think I can stop here. I've already got another half dozen in my head that I also love. So, part 3 will be coming down the road.