Grinhouse Cafe

Stopped for lunch at a favorite Northwest Indiana Coffee Shop/Cafe recently to meet my niece. It's her favorite spot and she convinced me to try a new sandwich. I almost always get the same thing - the Croque Grindhouse, but this time I tried out the Turkey Dolo with turkey, provolone, bacon, apple, spring mix and tomato with herbed mayo on a croissant. It's a winner. Now it will be a harder decision from here on out.

They also have a big selection of coffees and teas and if you're in NW Indiana, it's a hip spot you'll want to check out. Then stay and explore the downtown a little. There's a great gourmet shop a couple doors down called Charcuterie, a place called Twincade that is a bar/eatery filled with vintage arcade games, a couple craft breweries, a record shop and more. For more info, visit