Tea Resolution for 2020

I've kind of gotten past setting resolutions. Rather than setting unrealistic expectations for a complete lifestyle overhaul to be accomplished in a few weeks, I now set several smaller goals that are more doable and feel right to help lead to better wellness and an overall sense of personal peace.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has to force myself to work less, to slow down, to take a few minutes to breathe and reflect and relax and reset. Sometimes you have to do that it small ways. 

I know that walking is a form of exercise I enjoy, but it didn't seem worth it to me to go walk unless I was getting 2 or 3 miles in and walking fast enough to raise my heart rate quite a bit. Always the multi-tasker trying to get the most of out things, it took a little bit to get it into my head that a short walk isn't a waste. A 5 minute walk around the block or 10 minutes along the bike trail get me out of the chair I work in for most of the day, get me some fresh air, get me the sunshine and vitamin D I need and help me focus better when I get back to my desk after a break.

So one little goal this year - or resolution if you want to call it that - is twofold. It's one that helps me take a few moments to relax. And since decluttering is a big goal this year, it will make a little dent in that department, too. It's drinking tea.

I'm not a coffee drinker. If I have a hot beverage, it's either tea or hot chocolate. And really, I don't like beverages hot. I say that I like "warm chocolate" not hot chocolate. When I have a hot beverage I usually throw in an ice cube to cool it down to where I can drink it without scalding my mouth or waiting 20 minutes for its temperature to reduce.

I've accumulated quite a collection of teas. They always sound good when I buy them, but then I put them in my pantry and I don't get around to drinking them. Normally, I might drink two or three cups of tea a week. In summer, I don't drink hot tea at all, but will make a pitcher of sun tea with some of my tea bags or loose leaf tea and serve it cold.

So, it's a new year. I decided that I need to actually drink this stuff. Currently I have one full shelf and part of a second shelf in my pantry that is nothing but tea. If I drink a cup a day and give a bit of it to other tea lovers I know, I'll make a dent. I am also going to spend a little time learning a little more about tea. A couple years ago on a media trip to Indianapolis, I spent some time at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis where there was a new exhibit dedicated to China - the people, the geography, the history and more. Part of the exhibit focused on the rituals of teas and it was fascinating. Each week I plan to do a little tea research, too. Hopefully, I'll get some of it up on the blog and I want to remember to take pics of the teas I'm enjoying each week to share, too.

One other thing I am aiming to do as well is to learn to enjoy it sans sugar. Since I'm usually just a water drinker, by adding tea into my diet I'm adding a little sugar and that's contrary to some of my other personal goals this year. So, I'm dialing it back little by little. I'm learning what teas I can enjoy with little to no sugar and which ones can't really do without (but I'll decrease it a bit).

So, I've included pics of the teas I've had this week. This is what I've had:

Mosaic Organic English Breakfast Tea

Bigelow Constant Comment (It's a longtime favorite. I love teas that have citrus flavors)

Basic Chinese Green Tea (a local restaurant gave me a free "Merry Christmas" box with a big order 

Bigelow Ginger Snappish Tea (I love anything gingerbread!)

Tiesta Tea Pomagranatopia loose leaf tea (which I made in my sloth tea infuser that my kids got me for Christmas! How cute is that?)

Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Tea

and not pictured, Republic of Tea Ginger Peach (it's my favorite Republic of Tea flavor)

A little note on the Tazo tea. As I was making a cup one day, I noticed the instructions on the back. Most tea bags don't have that, but this one did and it made me realize that I've been doing it all wrong. I never time how long it steeps and I never measure how much water I'm using. And I really should. It makes for a much better cup of tea. Often times, I'd put a tea bag in a cup and never remove it. I just didn't realize how it affected flavor when doing so and how it can make tea bitter when overstepped. Then when it's bitter, it needs more sugar. So, making it properly should help me decrease the added sugar, too.

Anyway, if you have any tea tips for me, any bits of tea trivia or if you want to let me in on your favorite flavor, please leave a comment or send us a message through social media. Happy New Year!