Brunch at Lansing Country Club

I'm scanning through some of my pre-pandemic meals and finding some good looking meals that hadn't made it to the blog yet, so I'll share some in the coming days. Hoping that the places where I ate all these good meals survive and will thrive again.

One weekend this past winter my husband, the boys and I went over to the Lansing Country Club for brunch on a Sunday morning. Their regular buffet has some good stuff, but on special occasions is when they shine. Easter brunch. Mother's Day. Thanksgiving. There's always lots of options and then some lovely desserts if you still have room.

Who knows what it will look like for restaurant buffets anymore. I don't know if plastic shields will be enough to make people comfortable putting foods on their plate from communal serving dishes. So, for now I'll just have to remember the days of the good buffets.