Pizza Italiano Offers Crispy Thin Crust Pizza

I was in Woodridge recently to babysit my niece and nephew and after I was finished, I decided to head over to the nearby Trader Joe's to do some shopping and then grab some dinner to have in the car before heading home. Lately I've simply been asking Siri for nearby restaurants when I'm away from home and getting hungry. I've ended up at some really good spots. And I find some I probably wouldn't in looking in other places online - where SEO or paid memberships determine which places are included.

Siri did a good job this time around. I ended up at Pizza Italiano in Woodridge. After looking at the menu online, I saw that the pizza crust is normally medium thickness, but you could request thin or thick crust. I'm a thin crust gal. I can go for other varieties from time to time, but thin crust is almost always my first choice. 

I ordered a simple cheese and sausage thin crust. The sauce had a bit of sweetness that I loved, along with ample sausage and a crisp, crunchy crust.

Next time I'm in that area and in the mood for pizza, this will be the first place to come to mind.

Pizza Italiano
7526 Janes Ave.
Woodridge, IL