World of Whirlpool Pasta Making Workshop

Think back to the start of the year when COVID-19 was not even on our radars yet. We went out without worry. Those were the days. As I'm doing clean-up in my drafts, I found these photos I'd uploaded without completing a post. 

In January, my friends Jen and Bob and I went to the World of Whirlpool for a pasta making class. I'd been to some other events there and was excited to make some fresh pasta using Kitchen Aid attachments. 

It was a small class of only about 15 people and making pasta is really pretty simple. I'd taken a pasta making class before, but in that one we used hand-crank pasta machines. This time we got to skip that step and just had to guide the dough through the mixer attachment. We each made linguini and then hopped over to the kitchen area and cooked it up. Then we got to choose from a number of toppings - vegetables, meat and cheese.

There's nothing quite like fresh pasta.

I'm always mesmerized by this lovely, colorful wall of mixers and bowls.

Although the in-person classes are on hold right now, there area a number of virtual workshops you can participate in. Hop on over to to check them out.