The tea of the day routine continues

So, as 2020 started I was doing some tidying up. As I cleaned out my pantry I noticed how much room was being taken up by tea. A whole shelf and then some. I made a resolution to start using them up and try a new one each day, being careful not to duplicate them. It was quite a while before I got close to running out. And when I did, I ordered more. It was kind of backward from my original intent of clearing off that shelf, but I found out how fun it was to have a different flavor every single day. Later some companies sent me samples to try. And I started giving away my overflow of duplicates.

The resolution carried through until the end of the year. It was the first time I made a resolution that stuck for the whole year - although it was a pretty easy one to adhere to. Anyway, I didn't have one every single day. I'd go a few days without a cup of tea and then get back to it. When I got really sick with COVID, trying new teas was not at all the first thing on my mind. But I ended the year having tried 276 different teas. 

I enjoyed the process so much, that I figured I would continue. I may not have tea every single day, but when I do it will be a different one than any other I've tried this year. Also, this year when I post my tea of the day on social media, I'm going to include a little note about it and what I liked about it. And I'll share those comments here, so if you are wondering about one of the teas, you will have a little review. I was finding that in October someone would ask me about a tea I tried in April and unless it really stuck out as a favorite, it was hard to remember. So, hope you will follow along again in 2021. And please let me in on your favorite tea brands and varieties. I'd love to hear what you love.

1) TAZO Prickly Pear Cactus

Notes: "It is delicious! A subtle and not overpowering flavor that left me wanting more. I actually brewed a second cup with my bag. I will definitely have to buy some more. Great start." One of my favorite tea brands. This bag was compliments of my friend, Robin, who sent me a little package of teas to try from her collection. She tells me that she purchased it at a local Target - the Homewood location.

2) Thrive Farmers Hibiscus Berries

Notes: "Very potent berry flavor. Packs a big fruity punch." This is a sustainably-sourced, farmer direct product. Another tea gift from Robin.

3) Stash Tea Organic Chamomile

Notes: "Chamomile is so soothing to me...a perfect bedtime tea. Love this variety." Stash is another favorite tea brand. I love everything I have tried from them and they have a huge variety. This one was a gift from a highschool friend, Moriah, who I haven't seen in almost 30 years, but who is a Facebook friend. She saw me posting about my tea resolution last year and sent me a package with some new teas to try and this was one of them. It's one of the few teas I have been duplicating, but I really love it. Chamomile is a tea variety that I find so calming and I often drink a cup before bed.

4) The Republic of Tea Hibiscus Beet Ginger

Notes: "The first sip hit me with that strong root vegetable flavor, but a little cane sugar sweetened it up and the flavors blended well. I drank every last sip." This is another favorite tea brand and I have had so many of their different tea varieties and flavors. This one is designed to help with digestion. This was a sample I got tucked in with the catalog that I get delivered every once in a while via snail mail.

Tea Forté
White Ambrosia

This is my favorite tea so far this year. I wasn't sure what it was gong to taste like an dI was surprised at how much I loved it. It was delicious. Hints of marshmallow and coconut and cherry. I haven't had ambrosia salad in decades, but when I thought about what was in it, it was all those flavors mentioned above. This tea is from a tea tasting assortment box that I ordered off of Amazon. I had tried Tea Forte a while back at a hotel and enjoyed it and had this in my wish list for a long time, so I decided to treat myself. This is a must-try.

brand Raspberry Flavored Hibiscus Herbal Tea

I didn’t realize that Meijer had its own tea label until my friend Robin gave me this one. I’ve enjoyed both of these flavors when drinking tea. I’m much more of a flowery and fruity tea drinker. This has a potent raspberry flavor with a tart punch of hibiscus. This is the kind of tea I like to drink in the morning - when I need a bit of zing that doesn’t come from caffeine.

7. The Republic of Tea Wild Blueberry

This is one of my go-to teas. A nice smooth flavor for drinking any time of day. The tea pot and mug were a gift from my sister-in-law, Maureen. The pot has an included built in so I can put loose leaf in it or bags. I love it. It’s also nice to prepare when I know I will want more than one cup.

8. Bigelow Tea Sweet Dreams

I sometimes like to have a warm cup of tea before bed - especially when I can hear the wind howling outside like it is tonight. That means one that is caffeine free and have a mild, soothing flavor. The Sweet Dreams variety from Bigelow was perfect. I have loved all the teas I have tried from them. This one is a chamomile tea - my go to for nighttime - that has a touch of mint as well. It’s warming me up and making me feel warm and cozy.

Tea of the Day: Day 9
Chrysanthemum Tea at
Mora Asian Kitchen, Bolingbrook
When visiting my favorite Asian spot for their new brunch, I ordered this chrysanthemum tea. I enjoyed this mild, flowery tea that is known for having many health benefits. Try it out if you visit the place!

10) Celestial Seasonings
Cranberry Apple Zinger
This was a lovely tea to pep me up on this chilly morning. I’ve been a fan of Celestial Seasonings Teas since childhood. In our home we drank iced with most meals, but once in a while I remember mom making hot tea and it was often Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea. I loved the bear on the box as much as the tea. So, besides loving the flavor, there’s the nostalgia factor. Thanks to my friend Robin for this box.

This lemon and ginger tea is one that surprised me. I thought it may have too much of a kick, but it was a perfect combo. I had a few sips of it hot and then it cooled down and I added a couple ice cubes and I liked it just as much cold as hot. Thanks to my friend Robin for this sample.

English Tea No. 1
This is a nice classic black tea. A perfect spot of tea to enjoy during the day when I want a little hot cup to accompany a
Walkers Shortbread
cookie. I got this in an assortment pack I purchased last fall from Amazon. It was my first time trying Ahmad Tea of London it’s one that I immediately liked and plan to enjoy again.

Ceylon Orange Pekoe
Teas with a hint of orange are my very favorites and I really enjoyed this one - another in a surprise package from my friend, Robin. I love that little bit of sweet citrus flavor. I could drink this all day long.