Better Than Milk Alt-Milks!

We recently got to try Better than Milk alternative milks- they have quite the line up, and a flavor not often seen- Rice Hazelnut! I knew I had to give it a try! Their flavors are:
  • Unsweetened almond drink
  • Almond drink
  • Unsweetened oat drink
  • Unsweetened rice drink
  • Rice hazelnut drink
Rice hazelnut was a hands down my favorite but my 5 yr old daughter liked the regular unsweetened, which still tastes pretty sweet naturally! I tested out oat milk for the first time and it was delicious on its own and in a smoothie. This one was an unsweetened almond drink, peanut butter-banana-flax-spinach smoothie! The next one was an oatmeal drink, banana-blueberry one. So delicious! I like the almond and oat for smoothies but the rice drinks are delicious all on their own! Find out more about Better Than Milk at or find them at Jewel or Pete’s Fresh Market!