Highland Gyros

This afternoon I was heading over to Thomas Dodge in Highland, Indiana because there was a monster truck there giving rides. How fun does that sound? When we got there, we found out there were actually TWO monster trucks, but it started drizzling as we arrived. The sky got dark and the folks from Dodge assured us that the weather reports promised just a short shower, so they would re-open everything after the rain. The kids were complaining that they were dying of starvation -- nevermind that they'd eaten within the last couple hours. So, we drove down the road in a downpour searching for a place to pick up some lunch. I noticed Highland Gyros and we pulled in. Two of the boys requested hot dogs, but my oldest is a gyros lover like I am. So, that's what he ordered. 

I was still full from a pancake breakfast I'd been to late in the morning, where I feasted on pancakes, eggs and sausage. But, I couldn't let him eat a gyros in front of me without sharing, so I sampled a bit and it was so good, I was tempted to stuff myself and have one anyway. But, I decided to be good.

This is the second gyros place I've visited in Northwest Indiana in the last couple weeks. It seems every community has a gyros joint with the simple name of the town with followed by the word "gyros." : Munster Gyros, Schererville Gyros, Highland Gyros. And each is as good as the next. I may have to keep working my through the Hoosier State to see if there really is one in every town. :)

By the way, the rain cleared quickly and we returned to watch as a monster truck flattened two cars and then we got to take a ride. Way too cool!!!!!!